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Welcome to Response Mechanics, Inc.'s MYM2QIFW support web. The purpose of this web is to enhance the support services we provide to MYM2QIFW users. We've provided a number of resources here to help you see what's new, resolve problems, report bugs, suggest improvements, and share tips about MYM2QIFW and QIF files.

We made MYM2QIFW which is a Windows program that will translate Managing Your Money (MYM) DOS V9 thru V12, MYM Win V1 & V2, Royal Bank of Canada, Fleet Bank, US Bank , Bank Of America MYM, NationsBank MYM, PNC Bank, and others into QIF files. These QIF files can be imported into any version (1995 through 2002) of Quicken and MS Money. The translation includes Money, Portfolio, and Linked accounts, all Transfers, Category and Account Allocations in Splits, Account and Category descriptions, and CFree payments. It supports optional linked CMAs or portfolio cash in Quicken. We recently added features to sort transactions by date and use a specified date range for output. This can be used to routinely translate data, downloaded from online banking, and import it into Quicken or MS Money. MYM2QIFW has an option to write all of the data to one QIF file, which when imported into Quicken will create all accounts, categories, and transactions.

Download the latest version of MYM2QIFW. The Unofficial Quicken Web Page has some usefull information. Get Gary's translator for MYM Macintosh. Look at info concerning Credit Card orders on the Internet.

You may also obtain technical support by e-mail to MS Tools

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